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Archer DX

By on 06/01/2017

The Archer DX is Piper


By on 06/01/2017

The four-place Piper Warrior has been a flight school favorite since its inception. Dependable and resilient with responsive handling, the Warrior is an ideal aircraft for the demands of student pilot training. Built on the same quality of its Cherokee ancestry, the Warrior comes equipped with a 160 hp Lycoming engine and an intuitive Garmin […]

Archer LX

By on 06/01/2017

The Piper Archer has been, and continues to be, the perfect gateway to launching pilots’ flying careers all over the world. With a 180 HP Lycoming engine and an advanced Garmin G1000 Avionics Suite, the Archer is a modern and reliable aircraft for both teaching and cross-country flying.


By on 06/01/2017

Imagine taking your favourite sports car and adding wings. That’s the feeling you get when you strap into the two seat DA20-C1 and take to the sky. Sporty, sleek and exciting, yet surprisingly affordable, the DA20 offers outstanding performance, with impressive durability and economy, for personal flying and commercial training.


By on 06/01/2017

Whether you are new to aviation or a seasoned IFR pilot, the DA40 NG is the pilot’s sophisticated first choice. The DA40 NG is designed and developed by pilots passionate about flying. Your first impression will be the sheer joy of taking to the air. Its quick take off into the air, the good response […]


By on 05/01/2017

The Cessna Skyhawk is the ultimate training aircraft and the most popular single-engine aircraft ever built. With forgiving flight characteristics, great visibility, a sophisticated glass cockpit outfitted with G1000 avionics, slow landing speed and a forgiving stall – the Cessna Skyhawk is a flight training favorite ideally suited for student pilots.

Turbo Skyhawk JT-A

By on 05/01/2017

The new and improved Turbo Skyhawk JT-A employs advanced diesel engine technology for improved performance, including increased fuel efficiency and simplified power management, all while accommodating growing demands and environmental regulations across the globe. Flight training may never be the same again.

Alpha Trainer

By on 03/01/2017

The Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer represents a new concept of economic training for pilots! Build on the solid pedigree of our extensive product line-up, the ALPHA TRAINER combines quality with a fantastic price tag. Affordable flying with no performance set-backs is now here.