Wild Nordics

Adventures, Passions, and Surviving Finland


By on 02/01/2017

Hello, I’m Andrew Hale.

This is my blog. I publish articles on my passions Aviation and Motorcycling as well as Adventures with the family traveling around Europe. As I live here in Finland there are also some hopefully useful article on adapting to life in the Nordics.

Daughter Sofia and son William climbing Mt Kosciuszko, Australia back in 2014.

I am originally from Sydney Australia and and have lived in Espoo Finland for the last 17 years. I have traveled the Nordic region extensively for both business and pleasure.

I have a degree in International Business and have worked in IT for companies including Uponor, Vaisala, Nokia, Microsoft, and most recently Nordea.

At heart I am an entrepreneur. I have a company called Infusion Oy which is focused on IT consulting. On the side I run a pilot shop called Pilotworld, and web hosting with Infusion Web Services.

I am a pilot in my spare time. I took the leap back in 2015 to get an EASA Private pilots license PPL(A). It was a lot of work but well worth the effort. I currently have just over 200 hours flying experience. My goal is to become a Flight Instructor.

Motorcycling Adventure Riding is my other Hobby which I have been doing a lot longer than the flying – about 25 years at last count. I do a bit less of it these days due to family commitments but it was the way I got to explore and love Europe.

As to my personal life I have 3 amazing kids, a wonderful wife, and an energetic Hungarian Vizsla dog called Jimmy. Our main hobby as a family is travelling.

If you want to get in contact please email me on andrewhale60 at hotmail.com. For those living in Finland you can also easily find my phone number on Fonecta. I won’t list it here to avoid all the spam callers.