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By on 02/01/2017

Hello, I’m Andrew Hale.

This is my blog. I use it as a staging area to publish articles on living and working in Finland, as well as my two big passions; General Aviation and Adventure Motorcycle riding.

As I live in the Nordics most of the articles are about this region. I hope that you will find the information useful.

I am originally from Sydney Australia and and have lived in Espoo Finland for the last 12 years. I have traveled the Nordic region extensively for both business and pleasure.

I have a degree in International Business and have worked in IT Contracting mostly for Nokia and Microsoft.

Myself, Daughter Sofia and son William climbing Mt Kosciuszko Australia in 2014.

I am an entrepreneur and have two successful businesses. Infusion Oy which focuses on IT Consulting and Muddy Tracks Media which is focused on publishing and media production.

I have an EASA Private pilots license PPL(A) issued by Trafi in Finland which I obtained in 2015. I currently have a little under 100 hours flying experience. Fortunately I am a little more experienced with motorcycling riding, having some 20 years experience under the belt.

As to my personal life I have two amazing kids (pictured above), a wonderful fiancée Tania and an energetic dog called Jimmy. We enjoy undertaking interesting projects together and traveling.