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Escape from Prison – A journey in opening the door to a new life

By on 11/08/2019

It was a warm Friday evening in August. I was happily sitting outside an old beat-up pub on the outskirts of Helsinki waiting for a friend. It was quiet and peaceful – the way I like it. The friend arrived and before I could even say hello a rowdy crowd of drunk Finns burst out […]

The Helsinki Red Full Day Self-guided Bicycle Tour

By on 24/07/2019

The Helsinki Red Full Day Self-guided Bicycle Tour (22-35) This tour requires either a bicycle or the use of public transport. It circles the city and takes in some of the more distant attractions. Feel free to pick and choose from the list as not all of the attractions may interest you. If you plan […]

The Helsinki Blue Full Day Self-guided Walking Tour

By on 22/07/2019

The Helsinki Blue Full Day Self-guided Walking Tour (1-21) Here you will find labeled in blue (1-20) a comprehensive Helsinki self-guided walking tour that should take you the good part of a day. The walk is approximately 5 km in length and is along mostly flat ground. The tour starts in the north of Helsinki […]

12 Adventurous Summer things to do in Helsinki

By on 20/07/2019

If you are visiting Helsinki city in Summer you should almost have the place to yourself. Most Finns head off to their Summer Cottages in the countryside, especially during July. Helsinki becomes a ghost town except for the small army of young people who take jobs as summer workers. A starting point for most tourists […]

A Family Summer Roadtrip 2019 – Spain to Greece with the Nissan Micra

By on 16/07/2019

After successfully circumnavigating the Iberia peninsula (Spain and Portugal) in our Nissan Micra, we decided to start the journey back to Finland with a trip across southern Europe. We visited 11 countries on the trip including; Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania and Greece. I was a bit concerned […]

Guide to Kids Winter Hobbies in Finland

By on 21/01/2019

If like me you have been thrown into parenting in Finland, and are trying to make sense of kids winter hobbies, here is some useful information to get you started. We will keep it simple here and just look into the usual suspects, Ice skating and Skiing. Kids start winter sports at school from their […]

Places we want to visit in 2019

By on 20/01/2019

My wife Tania and I have voted on the top places we want to visit in 2019. We have tried to find places we both have not visited before. I have ranked the final list in order based on the average score of our preferences. The pictures here have been borrowed from google for illustrative […]

Road tripping Europe in a Nissan Micra

By on 13/01/2019

A Nissan Micra seems an unlikely choice for a road trip around Europe but compared to a Motorcycle (which I usually ride), it has a lot of space. I was very surprised by the performance of the little green beast after 2,000 km along the Spanish east coast over Christmas 2018. We plan to continue […]

What you Need to know before Driving in Finland

By on 10/01/2019

Finland is a society where there are a lot of rules and everyone will just expect that you know them. I learnt the road rules here the hard way. It was mostly just plain ignorance that there was a different way of driving here. I lived to tell the story and am here today to […]

The Most Beautiful Landscapes in Europe

By on 02/01/2019

Here is a list of the most beautiful Landscapes that I have stumbled across while traveling around Europe. These places stood out in my mind for their uniqueness, splendor and natural charm. Dolomites, Italy The Alps are beautiful wherever you go but the Italian Dolomites take it to a whole new level. The white dolostone […]