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By on 02/12/2017

Got the PPL, now what?

The day I got the my PPL (Private Pilot's license) felt like a big achievement. Getting the license was a lot harder than I had expected, especially passing the theory ...
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Aircraft Float Manufacturers

Being able to land an aircraft on water is a spectacular way to open up a whole new world of flying. Aircraft come in all shapes and sizes and there ...
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Fancy a Flying Boat?

If you want a Seaplane and your budget is tight maybe one of these Flying boats might suit you well. Not sure how much commercial success any of the following ...
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The Best Ultralight Seaplanes

Today we are looking at what we refer to in Europe as Ultralight Seaplanes (LSA Seaplanes in the USA). This list is dominated by monohull designs. Strangely, I was only ...
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Guide to Selecting Tires for your Car

The problem with just going to a tire shop and asking for new tires is that you will probably get recommended whatever tires they have in stock or make the ...
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My story – How I got my Pilot’s license

A Simmering Passion I grew up in a military town called Richmond on the outskirts of Sydney Australia, close to an Air Force base. Hearing the frequent and powerful roar ...
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Europe finally gets 600 kg Ultralights

16 years after the United States FAA approved 600 kg Light Sport Aircraft, EASA (the European Safety Agency) is finally allowing 600 kg Ultralights which are the equivalent of USA ...
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Ultralight hours can now be used towards EASA PPL SEP Renewal

After years of lobbying by the aviation community, EASA in 2020 made a concession to allow Ultralight (and Sailplane) to be used towards PPL SEP (and LAPL license) renewals. This ...
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EASA PPL vs. LAPL – What license should I get?

There are cool little two seater aircraft in Europe called Ultralights. If your only intention is to fly them within Europe then save yourself some money and get a LAPL ...
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Differences in EASA and the FAA approach to Recreational Flying

EASA and the FAA have taken a different approach to managing Recreational Aircraft within General Aviation. Traditionally, both regulators have tried to keep their regulation well aligned for the purpose ...
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