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By on 02/12/2017

Why Government Debt is a BIG problem

A lot of people don't understand Government Debt because the numbers are too big. They think someone smarter should work it all out and the whole thing is not their ...
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Summer 2020 Norway Road Trip

We had 26 days to cover what would turn out to be 6715 km by road and another 563 km by ferries of the most stunning scenery in Europe. Wife ...
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Tips for Traveling in Norway

Norway has the most beautiful nature in Europe. Its untouched wilderness, spectacular archipelagos and picturesque fjords make it a worthy pilgrimage. Norway can be cold though, even in the summer ...
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Places we want to visit 2023-2025

After finally finishing the 2019 list it was time to agree travel priorities with the wife for the next few years. You might notice an overwhelming island theme through the ...
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A Recap on our 2019 Travel shortlist

In March 2023 we ticked the last country off our 2019 travel list. It took a bit longer than we expected. At the time of compiling the list I had ...
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The Classic Incumbent vs. A Modern Challenger – Which one would you buy?

I recently watched John Armstrong's informative video (embedded below) comparing a Cessna 172 with a Diamond DA40 NG, and I wanted to share my own observations and thoughts on these ...
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Beachside Airstrips from South Australia

Compared to the other Australian states, South Australia is not much for building Airstrips close to the beach but I managed to find a few. I will cover 3 in ...
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10 Aussie East Coast Airports right next to the Beach

Australia has a bunch of airports right on the coast within a short walk of beautiful beaches. I covered a few of them in the article on the 22 Best ...
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What happened to Paradise? 9 Great Barrier Reef Island Airports.

This article is another in my series on Australian Airports. Most of the iconic Great Barrier Reef resorts have fantastic little airstrips conveniently connecting them to the mainland. The airports ...
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Australia’s Top End Beach Airports

If you don't mind swimming with Crocodiles and you don't need waves then this list of Top End Airports is for you. I found these airports while searching for Australia's ...
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