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Surprises of my 40s

By on 17/09/2022

Below are 11 things that surprised me in my 40’s for one reason or another. Some of them are a bit depressing so I apologise for that now. I find reflection a good tool for taking stock of where you are. Welcome along for the journey. Learning to play Chess This one came as a […]

My story – How I got my Pilot’s license

By on 24/09/2020

A Simmering Passion I grew up in a military town called Richmond on the outskirts of Sydney Australia, close to an Air Force base. Hearing the frequent and powerful roar of C130 Hercules aircraft pass our house on training flights planted the seeds for a lifelong curiosity and passion for flight. Like it is for […]

The Motorcyles that got me hooked

By on 22/10/2017

At the age of 14 I was pretty desperate to get a motorcycle. Going to school in the countryside, it was all the other boys ever talked about. For some reason though, my dad did not seem so interested in the idea of me getting a set of wheels. If I had asked for a […]

The Cars of my Yesteryears – Fond memories of the Machines that got me around

By on 01/10/2017

Datsun 120Y 1975 model My first memory of a car comes from the white canvas roofed orange Datsun owned and operated by none other than my mother. She took a small loan from her father and bought it new. The car came at a discount due to minor hail damage. There was nothing fancy about the […]

Love is not always where you expect to find it

By on 19/02/2017

Hollywood has painted the picture in our minds that we must feel love at first sight or romance is doomed. Passion and lust drive our selections and little time is set aside to dig deeper. We hold fast to rigid ideas of relationship criteria and quickly write people off who do not fit preconceived notions. We close our eyes to a […]