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Guide to Selecting Tires for your Car

By on 25/09/2020

The problem with just going to a tire shop and asking for new tires is that you will probably get recommended whatever tires they have in stock or make the most money on which may or may not be the best option for you. It definitely pays to shop around and do a little research […]

The Cars of my Yesteryears – Fond memories of the Machines that got me around

By on 01/10/2017

Datsun 120Y 1975 model My first memory of a car comes from the white canvas roofed orange Datsun owned and operated by none other than my mother. She took a small loan from her father and bought it new. The car┬ácame at a discount due to minor hail damage. There was nothing fancy about the […]

Importing cars to Finland – Vintage or Electric the secret to paying less tax

By on 23/09/2017

If there is one thing the little nation of Finland can promise you other than cold weather, its tax. Vehicle tax is a lucrative revenue stream for the government generating around 2 billion euro a year. In an effort to save money and find a wider selection, many Finns turn to neighboring countries, most notably […]