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Luxury Homes

8 Charming Hinterland Homes (South East QLD and Northern NSW)

By on 01/04/2021

The houses on this list are all mid-tier $5 million Australian Dollars or less, houses. They all have some land and are situated within 25 minutes of coastal beaches. This part of the country is very popular with the moderately wealthy who can afford to live outside the urban sprawl. 1. Coolamon Scenic Drive, Coorabell […]

5 Unique East Coast Luxury Estates

By on 01/04/2021

Here is a list of some impressive estates that can be found along the East coast of Australia. They represent the high end of the market and fall between $10 million and $50 million Australian dollars. To be considered on this list they must have at least 15 hectares of surrounding land. There is a […]

10 Beautiful Queensland Waterfront Mansions

By on 30/03/2021

Australia is world-famous for its white-sand beaches and ocean views and if your wallet permits, there are some jaw-droppingly gorgeous homes that combine the best of nature and design. Like a fine work of art, the price is determined only by the bounds of what people are willing to pay. The houses on this list […]