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10 Beautiful Queensland Waterfront Mansions

By on 30/03/2021

Australia is world-famous for its white-sand beaches and ocean views and if your wallet permits, there are some jaw-droppingly gorgeous homes that combine the best of nature and design.

Like a fine work of art, the price is determined only by the bounds of what people are willing to pay. The houses on this list are in the range between $1.8 million – $18 million Australian dollars (AUD).

Let’s jump into the list and see first-hand why Queensland is considered the most livable place in Australia. We will start at the bottom of Queensland and work our way north.

1. Twenty Third Avenue, Palm Beach – Gold Coast

At the bottom of the state, and at the quieter southern end of the Gold Coast, we start the list with this lovely 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom, open-plan apartment. It features large wrap-around balconies giving spectacular views of the coastline and distant downtown Surfers Paradise.

The modern minimalist design of the apartment coupled with high ceilings and lavish materials gives a feeling of space and luxury. There is a stylish kitchen, cozy living room, and even a walk-in wine cellar. The complex has common facilities including a heated swimming pool that is shared with the other 15 residences.

The price for this property is undisclosed but similar beachfront apartments on the market go for a bit over $3.5 million AUD.

2. Main Beach Parade, Main Beach – Gold Coast

This beachfront ground floor Apartment with private pool is situated on Surfers Paradise’s Main beach, on the north side of the centre of town. It has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a walk-in wine cellar, and movie room. The polished wooden floors, stylish designer furniture, and large windows make this $6.5 million AUD apartment look the part.

As lovely as this apartment is, I would probably mitigate the risk of upstairs throwing beer bottles in the pool, pocket $3 million and choose the previous apartment situated further away from all the noise of downtown.

3. Monaco Street, Broadbeach Waters – Gold Coast

If you are looking for a bit more room to rumble, this 5 bedroom $12.5 million Waterfront mansion, situated on the Narang River just south of downtown, is a sportsman’s paradise. It comes with a basketball/tennis court, table tennis room, pool, gym, massage room, and steam room. There is a pier to tie up the boat and Jetski. When you are done with all the physical activity, this place has a man cave to relax with friends.

The master bedroom and and ensuite, situated on the second floor, provide elevated views over the property and out to the river.

4. Virginia Avenue, Hawthorne – Brisbane

Moving 85 kilometres north and on the Brisbane River, just to the east of the city is this modern and well equipped 5 bedroom waterfront mansion. It is the only house on the list with more bathrooms than bedrooms but given its size, it is probably well justified. The interior is decorated with grey marble and other high-end materials.

There are 2 swimming pools with spa, a tennis court, gym, cinema, kids game room, and library. The family boat can be secured to the 12 meter pontoon dwon by the river.

This property was sold in 2018 for an undisclosed amount probably in the vicinity of $10 million AUD.

5. Leopard Street, Kangaroo Point – Brisbane

Taking it up a notch is this mansion located in the much-coveted Kangaroo point suburb on the Brisbane River. Selling in 2017 for $18.5 million AUD, the property has views overlooking the Brisbane Botanical Gardens, cityscape and distant Story Bridge. The house features all the luxury facilities including a large pool, gym, steam room, and massive wine cellar.

6. Seaview Terrace Sunshine Beach – Sunshine Coast

Moving 135 km north and situated on the south end of Noosa National park, this modern Villa boasts 7 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms and sold for an impressive $17,000,000 AUD in 2020. The simple design and ornate shrubbery work well to create harmony. One can imagine how nice it would be to sit on the comfortable sofa by the pool, reading a book, with a gentle sea breeze blowing in.

The Sunshine Coast, similar to Brisbane and the Gold Coast has a mild sub-tropical climate with a daytime average of 28°C in the summer and 20°C in the winter. Water temperatures follow the same range. This area of the Sunshine Coast close to Noosa is less crowded but considerably more expensive to buy into.

7. Kara Crescent – Airlie Beach

Moving 1000 kilometres up the coast to the midpoint of Queensland and gateway to the Whitsundays is this lovely 6 bedroom, 3 bathroom elevated home. Priced at a very reasonable €1.8 million, one can enjoy views of the Airlie Beach marina and surrounding coastline from the redwood deck while enjoying a dip in the pool.

Having your own pool in this part of the country is important as there are poisonous jellyfish which prevent swimming in the ocean during the summer. You can also forget swimming in the rivers as they are full of crocodiles. The climate is still considered subtropical but there is a lot more rainfall in the summer, higher humidity and usually 4°C warmer daytime average temperatures than around Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. ( 32°C in the summer and 24°C in the winter).

8. Great Northern Highway – Hamilton Island

Just a short boat ride away from Airlie beach on Hamilton Island is this $5.8 million AUD 6 bedroom retreat. Don’t let the road name fool you, this area of the island is private and secluded.

The house is built of fine redwood timber and is kitted out with all the creature comforts. There are breathtaking views to be had from the back balcony and a lovely pool to cool down.

9. Hibiscus Lane, Holloways Beach – Cairns

Travel another 635 kilometers north from Ailie Beach and you will find this lovely waterfront mansion on the shores of Holloways Beach. This 5 bedroom property recently sold for $4 million. It has a 25-meter pool and a luxurious outdoor entertaining area. Sliding doors open up the house to fresh ocean breezes to cool the house.

Cairns has a tropical climate which means wetter and more humid summers and dryer winters. On average there is 60% more rain in Cairns than in Brisbane and weather is 4 degrees warmer. Summer humidity in Cairns is usually 10% higher than in Brisbane.

10. Warf Street – Port Douglass

Last on the list is this 5 Bedroom $6.8 million AUD mansion in Port Douglass, just 65 kilometres up the road from Cairns. Port Douglass is at the foothills of the Daintree National park and the oldest rainforest in the world. It is also at the edge of civilization as far as Queensland goes.

This property has all the charm of a Queenslander home with some of the best views out onto the ocean. A lot of the properties up in Port Douglass were built decades ago and tend to look a bit dated but this place seems to have kept up with the times.