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How to pimp out a BMW R1200 GS Adventure for serious road trips

By on 03/12/2017

In this article we will take a look at the best accessories for the BMW R1200 GS Adventure motorcycle. This write-up is based on research and personal experience from riding my 2014 model for two summers around Europe.  The recommendations assume that the rider will mostly be doing road or gravel riding. Straight off the […]

The Motorcyles that got me hooked

By on 22/10/2017

At the age of 14 I was pretty desperate to get a motorcycle. Going to school in the countryside, it was all the other boys ever talked about. For some reason though, my dad did not seem so interested in the idea of me getting a set of wheels. If I had asked for a […]

Is the 2016 Honda CRF 250L a good bike for you?

By on 25/12/2016

When Honda released the CRF 250L back in 2013 the price tag alone ( €4,490) suggested the bike had been built to a tight budget. Aiming their sights on entry level riders, this bike provided a cheap-to-run and efficient commuter with some amount of off-road capability. Production in Thailand went some ways to meeting the […]