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Love is not always where you expect to find it

By on 19/02/2017

Hollywood has painted the picture in our minds that we must feel love at first sight or romance is doomed. Passion and lust drive our selections and little time is set aside to dig deeper.

We hold fast to rigid ideas of relationship criteria and quickly write people off who do not fit preconceived notions. We close our eyes to a multitude of possibilities all because we think we know better.

I was no exception to this common philosophy but fate had a way of teaching me differently. I was first introduced to the love of my life through a mutual friend some time after my divorce. She thought we both needed help and could help each other. I had a busy business and two small children. She had a need of a job and a place to stay. Dating was honestly the last thing on either of our minds.

I soon enjoyed the stability that came from separating home life from dating. After a stressful marriage I didn’t want complication. Girlfriends came and went but she was the staple. Over time we developed a strong friendship and trust. It was her small acts of kindness that touched me the most. Brushing my daughters hair when it got in a knot, reading stories to my son or ironing a shirt. I admired her dedication to the family, her sharp wit and kind smile. She taught me what love was through service for others.

There came a time when we both found ourselves single. The thought of dating at first felt awkward. There was a fear that if it didn’t work out we could lose a great friendship. We took the risk to give it a go. Romantic love soon followed built on a foundation of friendship. Looking back, had it not been for the opportunity we had to serve one another the seeds of love may not have been sown.

Sometimes the most amazing possibilities are under our nose but we write them off for one reason or another. Have the faith to keep an open mind and who knows where love might surprise you. Show kindness and compassion and seeds will be planted.