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How to not leave stuff behind when traveling

By on 28/07/2017

Forgetting your stuff in hotel rooms while on the road can be annoying and costly. The problem becomes even more complicated when traveling with children or a forgetful spouse.

With a few simple rules that everybody follows the problem can be avoided.

1. It’s not your home so don’t spread your stuff out
Wherever you sleep there should be a maximum of 3 places you put your stuff; the place where you set down your bag, a spot near the sink in the bathroom for toiletries and a place beside your bed for personal items. Putting things in cupboards and drawers is just asking for trouble if you are not intending to stay for a longer period of time.

2. When you are done using something put it straight back
Keeping things together is tidy and a lot more secure. This is especially important when in hostels or shared accomodation. When you use something put it straight away. This helps keep you packed and also makes it easy if you need to leave quickly.

3. Be paranoid and do a proper sweep of the room before you leave
It’s better to be safe than sorry. Especially when traveling with others, things can end up in some random places. Put the bags (and kids) by the front door and systematically start your sweep with the same thoroughness you could expect from the FBI.

  1. Check all the surfaces in the room
  2. Check all the storage areas including drawers, wardrobe and cupboards
  3. Check under the beds and behind all objects where something could fall
  4. Lift up all the pillows, sheets and blankets to see if anything is hidden underneath
  5. Check behind the curtains
  6. Check the power sockets for chargers
  7. Check inside the bathroom and shower for forgotten toiletries

By following these rules you will make your travel life a lot easier and avoid the annoyance of losing things. If you have your own tips or want to add something please add your comments below.