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Airports of the Torres Strait Islands

By on 08/01/2023

The Torres Strait Islands Archipelago is located between Cape York in the far northeast corner of Australia and Papua New Guinea. It consists of 133 islands, sandy cays and rocky outcrops of which 38 are inhabited. 12 of those have airports. The most northern island is right to the doorstep of Papua New Guinea less […]

11 Gorgeous Tasmanian Airports

By on 08/01/2023

Tasmania is a gorgeous part of Australia and for us Aviation enthusiasts there are a bunch of spectacular airports that link up the island. What makes these airports so lovely is the surrounding nature. The east coast of Tasmania has lovely beaches, the west coast has the wilderness and the north coast and central belt […]

22 Best Beach Airports Down Under

By on 06/01/2023

If you like the idea of taking a plane to a beautiful beach check out this list of Australian beachside Airports. There is something on the list for every type of pilot and plane. All the 22 airports on the list are within a short walk of the beach and are all unique in their […]

How to Suck Less at Managing your Money

By on 29/12/2022

Managing money is simple, you need to spend less than you make. At certain times in your life, this will be harder or easier. You need to find your own balance between enjoying life now, having financial resilience, and putting something away for the future. Less is more, and living within your means is the […]

Surprises of my 40s

By on 17/09/2022

Below are 11 things that surprised me in my 40’s for one reason or another. Some of them are a bit depressing so I apologise for that now. I find reflection a good tool for taking stock of where you are. Welcome along for the journey. Learning to play Chess This one came as a […]

My Love Affair with Weather

By on 16/09/2022

Growing up in Australia I did not care much about the weather. Unless you lived in Canberra, Melbourne or Hobart the weather was lovely most of the time. When I moved to Finland in my early 20’s I noticed something strange – everyone talked about the weather but it wasn’t driven by a need to […]

What is Perfection? A method to find the Best climate

By on 14/09/2022

Almost 20 years in Finland has taught me there have to be nicer climates to live in. As the cold creeps in here in Helsinki my mind turn to Australia where I grew up. If I could live anywhere in the country where would it be? Hmm, sounds like a nice little research project, let’s […]

Rockhampton has the best Climate in Australia

By on 03/09/2022

Everyone’s opinion of perfection is a bit different but we won’t let that get in the way of our quest to find which part of Australia has the best weather. My study identified Rockhampton in Queensland as having the best climate. Who would have thought… It’s the beef capital of Australia and the cows were […]

What is the ideal Indoor Temperature

By on 01/09/2022

Science tells us that people are most comfortable with an indoor temperature range from 20°C – 24°C. In Finland where I live, most houses are set to maintain and indoor temperature of 23°C in the winter. People usually like it a little bit cooler (20°C) in the summer. For sleeping the recommendation is between 15°C […]

The science behind how your body cools itself

By on 31/08/2022

In our latest series of articles we have been looking at ideal temperatures in an effort to understand what the perfect climate might be. It is worth though taking a step back to understand the science of how our body cools itself so we understand why certain climates might be less ideal. In order to […]