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With class-leading speed and so much more, the Cessna TTx substantially outperforms the competition. Featuring advanced touch screen avionics, it is designed for the discerning pilot to deliver a superior flying experience through precision engineering.

Category: Fast Cruisers
Manufacturer: Cessna
Certification: Type Certified
Avionics: Garmin G2000 Glass Cockpit
Engine: Continental TSIO-550 (310 hp)
Fuel Type: Avgas 100LL
Cruise Speed (kt): 209
Stall Speed (kt): 60
Useful Load (kg): 485
MTOW (kg): 1633
Wing Type: Low Wing
Gear Type: Nose Gear
Max Crosswind (kt): 23
T/O Distance (m): 579
Climb Rate (fpm): 1400
Ceiling (ft): 25000
Wingspan (m): 10.97
Wing Area (sq m): 13.12
Glide Ratio (X:1): 13
Fuel Capacity (l): 386
Fuel Consumption (l/hr): 68
Endurance (hrs) 30min res: 5.7
Range (km) 30min res: 2352
Seats: 4
Cabin Height (m): 1.24
Cabin Width (m): 1.22
Cabin Length (m): 3.55