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By on 02/01/2017

Taurus M


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Taurus M is the only two-seat glider with a 15-meter wing-span and it is also the most independent in operation. Equipped with a powerful, yet fully retractable high-performance 50 HP fuel engine and double retractable main undercarriage, the Taurus can go gliding wherever and whenever you want. When others will be waiting for a helper to connect the tow rope and hold the wingtip for take-off, you will already be far away and flying for hours in the Taurus M.

Category: Soarers
Manufacturer: Pipistrel
Certification: Ultralight
Avionics: Basic Steam Gauges
Engine: Rotax 503 2 stroke (50 hp)
Fuel Type: Autogas 95,Autogas 98
Cruise Speed (kt): 67
Stall Speed (kt): 34
Useful Load (kg): 187
MTOW (kg): 472.5
Wing Type: Low Wing
Gear Type: Tail Gear
Max Crosswind (kt): 15
T/O Distance (m): 265
Climb Rate (fpm): 570
Ceiling (ft): 12800
Wingspan (m): 15
Wing Area (sq m): 12.33
Glide Ratio (X:1): 41
Fuel Capacity (l): 30
Fuel Consumption (l/hr): 15
Endurance (hrs) 30min res: 2
Range (km) 30min res: 134
Seats: 2