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The four-place Piper Warrior has been a flight school favorite since its inception. Dependable and resilient with responsive handling, the Warrior is an ideal aircraft for the demands of student pilot training. Built on the same quality of its Cherokee ancestry, the Warrior comes equipped with a 160 hp Lycoming engine and an intuitive Garmin 500 avionics suite.

Category: All Rounders
Manufacturer: Piper
Certification: Type Certified
Avionics: Garmin G500 Glass Cockpit
Engine: Lycoming O-320 (160 hp)
Fuel Type: Avgas 100LL
Cruise Speed (kt): 115
Stall Speed (kt): 44
Useful Load (kg): 413
MTOW (kg): 1107
Wing Type: Low Wing
Gear Type: Nose Gear
Max Crosswind (kt): 17
T/O Distance (m): 494
Climb Rate (fpm): 660
Ceiling (ft): 11000
Wingspan (m): 10.7
Wing Area (sq m): 15.14
Glide Ratio (X:1): 11
Fuel Capacity (l): 182
Fuel Consumption (l/hr): 28
Endurance (hrs) 30min res: 6.5
Range (km) 30min res: 950
Seats: 4