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The Best Ultralight Seaplanes

By on 28/09/2020

Today we are looking at what we refer to in Europe as Ultralight Seaplanes (LSA Seaplanes in the USA). This list is dominated by monohull designs. Strangely, I was only able to find one factory built ultralight aircraft offering floats as an option. There are however many aftermarket float options available for just about every […]

Guide to Selecting Tires for your Car

By on 25/09/2020

The problem with just going to a tire shop and asking for new tires is that you will probably get recommended whatever tires they have in stock or make the most money on which may or may not be the best option for you. It definitely pays to shop around and do a little research […]

My story – How I got my Pilot’s license

By on 24/09/2020

A Simmering Passion I grew up in a military town called Richmond on the outskirts of Sydney Australia, close to an Air Force base. Hearing the frequent and powerful roar of C130 Hercules aircraft pass our house on training flights planted the seeds for a lifelong curiosity and passion for flight. Like it is for […]

Europe finally gets 600 kg Ultralights

By on 23/09/2020

16 years after the United States FAA approved 600 kg Light Sport Aircraft, EASA (the European Safety Agency) is finally allowing 600 kg Ultralights which are the equivalent of USA Light Sport Aircraft in Europe. (See this article for more background on the topic) The way regulation works is that EU Member states need to […]

Ultralight hours can now be used towards EASA PPL SEP Renewal

By on 23/09/2020

After years of lobbying by the aviation community, EASA in 2020 made a concession to allow Ultralight (and Sailplane) to be used towards PPL SEP (and LAPL license) renewals. This is great news for pilots who predominantly fly ultralights. As European pilots know, PPL SEP class renewal needs to be done every 2 years and […]

EASA PPL vs. LAPL – What license should I get?

By on 20/09/2020

There are cool little two seater aircraft in Europe called Ultralights. If your only intention is to fly them within Europe then save yourself some money and get a LAPL license. If you have poor health and don’t think you will pass a Class 2 medical then consider obtaining a LAPL licence. For all other […]

Differences in EASA and the FAA approach to Recreational Flying

By on 19/09/2020

Recreational Flying, also known as Sports flying, is a sub category of General Aviation which is more lightly regulated than the rest of General Aviation. The logic is that the the aircraft are lighter and less complicated (not always the case), so therefore the risk should be lower. Generally speaking, Recreational aircraft are uncertified, the […]

The Best 2 Seater Bush planes

By on 17/09/2020

If you like flying low and slow it doesn’t get much better than a bush plane. Short take-off and landing (STOL) performance opens up a lot of possibilities to visit back strips and experience places that are not always so accessible. Most of the 2 Seater Bush Plane options available are either Ultralights (if commercially […]

The Best 2 Seater Ultralights (Cruisers)

By on 13/09/2020

The ultralight segment in General Aviation is one of the few spaces within aviation that has not been completely over regulated. Ultralights by definition are experimental and hence have been awarded some degree of latitude to innovate. This has lead to the creation of some spectacular aircraft, the best of which we will take a […]

Certified vs. Experimental vs. Ultralight Aircraft – What’s the difference?

By on 08/09/2020

What type of certification an aircraft has matters – it determines how the aircraft must be maintained, where and how it can be flown, and how the hours flown in the aircraft can be logged. Finnish registrations: Left is Certified Aircraft (OH-_ _ _), Center is Experimental¬† (OH-X_ _), Right is an Ultralight OH-U_ _ […]